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An amazing session is in progress and there are no words to describe


AVS Academy student leaders from Virginia, Maryland, and California are conducting a MATH teaching session to the students in Uganda under the guidance of Pragna Shree. The current time in USA is way past midnight for the east and central time zone. You can just imagine the dedication of the students who also conducted a dry run on last Wednesday at wee hours (3 AM CST).

This is what I have imagined for a long time, the extreme dedication from the students to build their leadership skills, unique character, and compassion & empathy.

Kudos to student leaders and God bless you!!

· Anagha Lokesh

· Hansika Chennamsetty

· Pragna Shree Gollapalli

· Vibhav Chanadrala

· Aarnav Chandraganti


Kiran Palla