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Volunteering @ U.S Special Olympics


AVS academy students volunteered at U.S Special Olympics that are currently underway in Florida. I was not able to attend due to my family medical emergency and international travel, but our students flew from Minneapolis, Texas, and New Jersey to complete the volunteer assignments. Kudos to those students and parents who took the event to the heart and availed the opportunity. U.S Special Olympics are run by volunteers like us with shoestring budgets. Our every act of support is kindly regarded. The students volunteer experience will certainly remain as one of their special lifetime achievements.

Once again, I sincerely appreciate all the student’s commitment and special thanks to Lonnie Snyder, CIO of U.S special Olympics committee. Lonnie brought this opportunity to my notice, and we immediately engaged the students. Please enjoy the pictures from Maarthvick and Harshita. More pictures to come from other students. Stay Tuned!!


Kiran Palla

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