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I love Japan, by Vaishnavi Polisetti

Hi, My name is Vaishnavi!

I am 11 years old (about to turn 12 next year). I live in Japan (Tokyo). I study in IISJ (Indian International School In Japan). It is a CBSE school.

Now, let me tell you about japan. You might be wondering,

Is a Japan a good place to visit?

Is it a good place to live in?

What is its culture? and maybe more!

I will be answering most of these questions in this essay.

Japan is a wonderful place to visit and live! You can enjoy a lot throughout the year. Its culture is by far the most interesting. According to Japanese superstition, you clap your hands twice to call the gods. Inside a shrine is simple. A big statue of a Buddha & sometimes a small hall to perform singing & dancing for the gods.

There are many things to enjoy throughout the year. In the summer, you can enjoy matsuris. In the spring, you can enjoy cherry blossoms. In the autumn, there is golden leaves & as for winter there are beautiful and fun snow festivals in Hokkaido to enjoy.