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World’s huge NFL 4th Grader By Venkat Dhulipala

Updated: May 5, 2020

Are you a football fan or play football? If you are not, I encourage you to be a fan or play. It is because you may not only like it but there are other reasons why I want you to do this.

1. When you play football you build courage to do your best.

2. When you watch football you cheer on your team and hope they win.

You see football might be rough but it’s also fun and sportive. Let me ask you a question??

Do you think football is all about WINNING? Well if you think so then you’re wrong. Football is about doing your best and having fun. You don’t have to be great, but you should at least try. When I played football for the first time I sucked (Lol !!), but I still kept trying and after about 2-3 months I was one of the best football players to play in my neighborhood.


The NFL has a problem with having a lot of concussions for many players. One of the reasons is the inside of the helmet (on the top of the head) has no padding. When players are hit on the top of the head, something dramatic happens to the brain; making the person not remember things for a little while. When a player is hit, they do not have that much protection in this case they are defenseless. The NFL made the rule of the defenseless player 1996.

When you get hit in the NFL it usually teaches you to be tough and not to stay down/give up….which is a great quality to have as a person !!!

I don’t think you get the main point yet. Let me tell you……. The NFL is evolving every second in our lives. Even now!!! The NFL has been evolving since it was made. If football is in the 23rd century it might have a lot of new things that are not used in the NFL today.

Well I hoped you liked and enjoyed my presentation. Thank you for being a good reader !!