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Why I like Canvas painting! Pranavi Borra

Ever since I was a child, I always loved canvas painting. When I went to a store with my mom, I would gleefully point to the paint and ask to buy some, even though I already had a whole box full of paint at home. Additionally, I took art classes for painting, and they would be one of the highlights of my week. Everything I did as a child has only made me love painting even more.

One of the reasons that I like to paint is that painting provides an opportunity to improve hand-to-eye coordination. I’m often a very cloudy person, so painting assists with this. Another reason that painting is gratifying to me is that it is a very ataractic activity. Most other hobbies I have include physical exertion which results in me not being able to do them for a long time. Painting on the other hand is a calm activity that just requires focus and hand movements.

Painting isn’t necessarily a difficult thing to accomplish. Contrary to popular belief, people don’t need special art classes or natural talent to enjoy painting. People don’t even have to be good at it to enjoy painting, and that’s another reason why I like it so much. Painting is one of the few things that someone can enjoy without mastering it. For example, a sport like soccer isn’t very entertaining when someone is bad at it, and they keep succumbing. It doesn’t matter if you are good at painting, or bad at it because in the end, the painting is something that you created.


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