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Guest Speaker Session with William B. Ershler, MD

Updated: Mar 14

This will be a fantastic opportunity for the students of AVS academy to learn from and interact with a leading expert in the field of Hematology.

Requesting all students and parents to attend this session. We will be asking students to interview Dr. Ershler. Each student is requested to submit 1 question about what they would like to know about or learn from Dr. Ershler. You can use online resources to research his accomplishments. Questions can be generic and the first 10 questions will be selected. Please send in your questions by 3/15/2023.

As explained, we will brainstorm ideas about developing AI tools to care for sickle cell patients. Additionally, if anyone is interested in preparing a small presentation on available AI tools for sickle cell patients, they can reach out to me, and I can provide some resources and guidance.

Hope to see you all !


Dr. Mamatha Prabhakar

Medical Research Mentor.

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