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General Counseling

Pre - Kindergarten and elementary school are foundations on which your child will grow, so we understand that you would want to know everything that would ensure their success and happiness. Our one on one counseling sessions will provide you with an hour to ask any questions you may have about the academics processes, behavioral issues, personality problems, and any other subjects that you would like additional input in.
General Conseling

Tutoring & Academic Assistance

We are here to help if your student is struggling in any subject areas or just needs a little assistance to better understand the material. Please let us know the subject and topic and we will ensure that they leave with more confidence and knowledge.
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Overview of U.S. Education System

American Flags
This counseling aimed at parents and students unfamiliar with U.S. education system. Together we will explore every stage of the system from pre-K all the up to college. This would include first time enrollment, magnet schools, school districts, middle school entrance exams, private vs. public vs. charter schools, and state level testing.
Education System
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