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About AVS Academy

Giving a Presentation

AVS Academy was founded with the goal of guiding parents and students to academic and professional success.  With so much opportunity for the current generation in the field of business, law, and STEM; a well-rounded preparation by a student/parent at an early stage of their academic life yields a successful academic and professional career. AVS Academy offers one on one counseling to tailor our guidance to each family. In addition, we also organize events and host workshops with the ultimate goal of advancing the students' careers.

Our Philosophy

Here at AVS Academy we serve the role of advisers for families and students alike. We believe that strong foundations are required for both academic and personal success. Our philosophy is to provide all the resources, assistance and guidance to prioritize the amazing potential in every student and help them reach goals that they themselves might have never realized possible.

Our History

AVS Academy founder (Kiran Palla) has conducted hundreds of education workshops and seminars both domestic and international. His team also conducted hundreds of on-line knowledge sharing interactive sessions and many 1:1 counseling sessions with both parents and students. 

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