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For Medical Professionals

Why We Need Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals are essential to our program to provide first hand knowledge of the various medical fields. Our goal is to provide students with an accurate representation of the daily life and work of medical professionals in every field across the country. We try to go in depth regarding the unique aspects of each branch of medicine. 

As a medical professional, you would meet with AVS students and speak about your career and field of medicine. Here is a rough outline of what we cover during a 45 minute online session:

45 Minute Presentation


Introduction: Describe who you are, what you do and how long you have been practicing medicine (Ask students if they have questions)

  • Describe the specific education of your field, what does it take? 


Here are a few of the topics to talk about  


  • The anatomy of your field.

  • What are common cases that you see? What are the most common procedures you do? Include specifics on how this is done or why.

  • What problems do you run into in your field?

  • What you like most and least about your specialty?

  • Who is your field best suited to. (What issues or specific talents many people have working in your field)

  • Talk about the equipment that you use. 

  • What would you consider your most difficult case, and how did you handle it?

  • What is your typical day like?

  • What is your work-life balance like?

  • What do med schools look for

  • How would you say your field has changed over time. Is this good or bad?


Open up the last 5-10 minutes to questions. You can talk about any other topics relating to your fields you may find interesting as well.

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