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Kiran Palla

A masters graduate from New York Institute of Technology and Northern Illinois University. As a strong proponent of education, Kiran has been involved with 1:1 family counseling and conducted numerous education seminars emphasizing the need of higher education in reputed institutions. Under his guidance students of all ages and grades benefited in personality development, academic and career advancement. Kiran also runs summer projects, leads volunteer opportunity awareness and engages students in constant learning of plethora of new university career opportunities.

Latha Palla

A masters graduate from Regional Engineering College, Warangal. Latha has been actively involved in tutoring pre-K through middle school students in match and sciences. She is a recipient of Whitehouse medal of honor for volunteer services for her outstanding contribution to the non-profits. Latha also coaches students in Universal Values and Life Skills. As a wonderful organizer of information, Latha extends support to hundreds of parents in knowledge sharing about volunteer opportunities, summer camps, regional competitions and university outreach programs.
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