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Supporting The African Library Project

The African Library Project is a non-profit organization that starts libraries in rural Africa. U.S. student volunteers, irrespective of age, can participate in this project by donating books to these libraries and earn certificates. Students can work individually or in teams and donate a half library, which is five-hundred books, or full library, which is a thousand books.

The books can be collected through different sources such as:

1. Families and Friends

2. Bargain Books from Libraries

3. Friends of library section

4. Libraries Blow out sales

5. School libraries discard books

6. School district office

All the collected books will be packed and shipped through USPS which will cost around $350 for 500 books. If you are working as a team, the cost will be $350/Number of students (which costs much less when compared to individual). See the schedule for 2023 below

Saanvi Goutama, a high school sophomore and the project lead already achieved several accolades in the past with this project and looking forward to engaging more. Padmaja Thanneeru from Sri Lanka will be the project advisor for this project.


AVS Academy

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