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AVS Academy’s medical camp on Feb 26th 2023

AVS academy conducted medical camp in rural village Kondamudhi of Andhra Pradesh, India. The medical camp offered free medical checkups for villagers and provided awareness to the people on common medical issues.

AVS Academy formed a core team of students and doctors under the leadership of sophomore high school student Sanvi Goutama from California. Her team consisted of six students Hansika Chennamsetty, Dhruv Reddy, Anagha Lokesh, Ananya Janapareddy, Sri Sreshta, and Shagun Srivatsava under the guidance of Dr. Mamata Prabhakar and Dr. Shalini Reddy of Virginia.

Sanvi led the camp activities with intense coordination and ground efforts rendered by renowned medical healthcare workers Raghu Gautama and Naga Lakshmi.

The medical camp on February 26th started at 9 AM and continued till 3 PM offering medical tests to 63 registered patients. More than 200 villagers took advantage of the awareness session. The services rendered at the camp include blood pressure test, sugar test, height, and weight evaluation. Patient education included a walkthrough of healthy lifestyle and its impact on good health.

AVS Academy’s medical camp was fully supported by village leaders and Government officials who admired the thought of the next generation coming forward to help the underprivileged. The medical camp also served snacks and lunch for all the participants and provided necessary transportation to the attending physicians and helping volunteers.

AVS Academy founder Kiran Palla expressed his sincere appreciation to all volunteers, medical professionals, students, doctors, village officials of Kondamudhi and the support of all the villagers. Special mention and kudos to the hard work by Silpa, Teja and Divya Billa who took extra time and efforts designing the camp materials.

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